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Full Service Roseville Dentist

Cleaning & Prevention, Cosmetic, Periodontal and Restoration Dentistry for Patients in Roseville, Rocklin, and Granite Bay

How can our Roseville based dentist help you?

Galleria Dental Center makes a promise to each of its patients, whatever their need--our  experienced, dedicated dentist provides procedures done with personal attention and a gentle touch, and will give you a stunning smile that will make others take notice.

Your teeth are as individual as you are. Just one family can require a range of dental services, from a simple whitening of the teeth to a full mouth restoration.  If you want to know more about prevention, are interested in tooth whitening, or maybe are considering implants, our full-service office has got you covered.

Call our Roseville family dentist office today. We’re happy to respond to any questions or concerns you may have and can schedule an appointment if you wish. Our dentist and hygienists  also serve the communities of Granite Bay, Rocklin, Auburn, Citrus Heights, Colfax, Folsom, Lincoln, Loomis, Meadow Vista, Penryn, Wheatland, Sheridan, and Sacramento as well as Roseville.

Full Service Family and Cosmetic Dentist Office for the Whole Family

We’re convinced the more our patients know about the procedures we offer, the more comfortable they are with them. At Galleria Dental Center, located in Roseville across from the Roseville Galleria shopping center, our dentist and hygienists provide a broad set of dental services for the entire family, from cleaning and teeth whitening to Cosmetic dentistry procedures, braces and orthodontics, periodontal disease treatment and maintenance, and restorations.  Take a look at the range of services we offer:

Cleaning and Prevention

Nothing is more important in fighting tooth decay and preventing gum disease than proper cleaning and prevention. Not sure how often to floss, or whether sealants are right for you? Our dentist has the answers! Our dental hygienists put even the most nervous patients at ease.

Our care doesn’t stop after you leave the dentist’s Roseville office. Our experienced staff will recommend a regular program of cleaning, prevention, and maintenance designed just for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry – one of our most popular services - can help even patients who have given up on having beautiful smiles. Our approach to cosmetic dentistry in our Roseville office been producing remarkable results for years.

Professionals are concerned with making a favorable impression; others may want whitening to get rid of teeth stains. Dr. Amanjee, our cosmetic dentist at Galleria Dental Center in Roseville, can help anyone improve an important part of a person’s appearance – their smile.  

Periodontal Disease

Plaque and tartar deteriorate teeth rather slowly, so most people don’t realize when they have periodontal disease. But don’t wait until your gums are bleeding or your teeth are loose to find out if you need treatment.  The earlier the dentist and hygienists at our Roseville office can detect and treat periodontal disease, the more we can do to restore your dental health and keep you smiling.

The role that periodontal disease plays in overall health has become clearer over the past few years, and has a far reaching impact on your overall health.  If periodontal disease is left unchecked, it can contribute to strokes, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  Let our dentist check your teeth and gums today and develop the optimal approach to addressing your needs.

Restoration Dentistry

Tooth restoration has improved remarkably in recent years. At our Roseville dental office, we are excited to offer the most up-to-date restoration techniques to our patients. You may have thought you had to live with gaps in your smile or poorly-done dental work. You don’t!

Our restoration procedures may actually change the way you live and improve your quality of life. Imagine being able to eat and chew normally again, or correcting an improper bite that has produced dental pain for years.

Roseville Family and Cosmetic Dentist with a Gentle Touch

If you are looking for a full service dentist office in Roseville that can take care of all your dental health needs, and do it with a gentle touch and commitment to your health and smile, please contact us at (916) 780-5678 or schedule an appointment.