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Did you know that a very large number of Americans actually avoid going to the dentist because of fear and anxiety? This unfortunately has very bad consequences regarding their oral and general health.
Sedation Dentistry is the answer that will help many to get dental treatment they need in a very relaxed atmosphere. 
Dr. Amanjee and his team are very experienced in treating patients with high dental anxiety. You could make an appointment to just meet the doctor and his team and discuss the option of Sedation Dentistry.

You can consider Sedation Dentistry if you have:
- A high level of fear and anxiety towards dental treatment.
- Afear of needles and shots.
- difficult to numb.
- Need extensive treatment procedures like wisdom teeth extractions and other surgical procedures.
- An overactive gag reflex.
- Suffered past traumatic dental experience.

Understanding Sedation Dentistry.

There are various types of sedations depending upon how deep a patient is sedated.
1. Use of Nitrous Oxide gas or also called Laughing gas - this provided a very mild level of relaxation while undergoing dental treatment.
2. Oral Conscious Sedation - this is a deeper level of sedation. The patient is asked to take some pills before the dental procedure and within an hour the patient is sedated. the patient goes into a very deep sleep. We can wake the patient by tapping the shoulder. the patient also rarely remembers his/her experience after waking up from the sedation.
3. I.V. Sedation - Medications are given through intravenous method and the patient goes into a deep sedation and does not feel anything while the treatment is being done.

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